Boar Shooting with Basswood Sporting Agency in Croatia

Once again, this year turned out to be a whopper. 17 guns, 3 days shooting, 3 drives per day and plenty of meat and salt in between.

Like last year, the first drive of the first day was where I downed my first (and only) piggy. It may be a first in the 10 years Frank at Basswood has been taking hunting trips to Croatia, but every single gun saw and shot at wild boar. Only 2 of the 17 didn’t drop one. I think the final bag must have been in the 30′s region (I will confirm).

I definitely made contact with two more (using slug) but they were at a fair distance, quartering away and tanking it over open ground (they sure can run fast). However, they both tumbled to the 150+ yard shot of one of our Canadian friends (great shooting PeeWee).

As always, the assembled mob of reprobates were a good craic and the social side was fantastic. The hunting lodge we stay at has even had a dart board installed – this made the evenings so much better.

Not much or a report I know, but Basswood will soon have one up on their website and i’ll link to that. It’s also rumoured there was a journalist in our midst… so look out for a review in one of the nations great shooting magazines…

All in all, great shooting, great company, great food and drink and most importantly, great pocket-meat! See you all next year… (with a 6.5×55)

Boar Hunting with Basswood in Croatia!

Wow. What a great 5 days boar shooting in Croatia!

I do lots of shooting but nothing quite gets the heart thumping than hearing the rustle and thud of a wild boar charging in your direction. A level of adrenaline i’ve not felt before (and i’ve done some crazy shizzle).

3 days shooting in the mountainous region of Slatina (not far from the Hungarian boarder). Only a 3 hour drive from Zagreb airport gave the best shooting experience i’ve had to date!

Thanks to all involved, especially Frank of Basswood Sporting Agency.

1st day, 1st drive and 2 pigs taken by the new Fabarm semi auto shotgun using 1 ounce slug!

More to follow…

Fabarm XLR Composite

Wow. That is all.

I was shooting clays at Almshoebury a few weeks back (as we do first Sunday of every month) and we had a good turn up from the Herts crowd (about 10 in total). One of the guys had recently bought a new gun for in the hide, on the ducks and general shooting stuff. I had a quick go on the final 3 stands and scored a 9, 9, 10! I tried sneaking it into my slip but he was having none of it. So, 2 weeks later – I have my own Fabarm XLR in Composite.

I bought it from Park Street Guns in St Albans (under duress from a friend). But before committing, I had a fling around the shop with a Winchester SX3, a Benelli M2, a Browning and a Hatsan semi. I can’t really explain it, but when mounting the Fabarm – it just feels ‘right’. I can close my eyes, mount, open them again and it’s bang on. No alterations or fitting needed, it just works out of the box (it does come with spaces to lengthen stock slightly and the comb is adjustable).

It’s jam-packed with technology and goodies too. The ‘Power Pulse’ system gets rid of the standard valves and uses a piston instead. This reduces recoil and gives it a super-quick cycling time along with being able to handle all types of cartridge in its 3″ chamber. It is also one of the safest guns out there being proofed (through all chokes) to 1630bar. All this and it comes with a set of chokes, sling swivel mounts all housed in a really nice break-down case. As the Fabarm is more common in the European market, the barrel also has weaver scope mounts for a red dot or scope (a la boar hunting). There are lots of add-ons for this too, extension tube and fancy tactical bits and bobs.

In terms of shooting it, like I said, it just comes up and is bang on. The first clay outing with this on Sunday (Redbournberry Clay Shoot) left me second place in the squad (by one shot) at a ground I hadn’t shot before. The only problem is the spent carts eject about a mile from where you are standing (not normally a problem, but I was shooting over a lake).

I can’t recommend this gun enough. It will now be the first I reach for in the cabinet. It will be at home as much in the reed beds, on the clay ground, the pigeon hide or in the forests of Croatia Boar Shooting! The UK importers have just changed so hopefully the new guys will put a bit more effort into marketing and getting it more known to the shooting community.

Happy and safe shooting…